Our Doctor


Dr. Harden

Dr. Harden serves his patients with a wealth of information and experience, an eagerness to educate the public on allergy issues and a friendly demeanor that instantly puts clients at ease.

“On behalf of myself and my office staff, welcome to this view into our allergy practice. We care for people of all ages with allergic disorders.  These include hay fever, cedar fever, asthma, eczema, food allergy, bee sting and fire ant reactions, sinus problems, poison ivy and other contact allergies, and a variety of other less common problems.

The most important tool for treating your allergies is knowledge.  What substances are you allergic to, which are most important, how are you getting exposed to them, how are they affecting you and your life?  That’s why the first step in your evaluation is for us to listen to you, followed by questions to clarify details.  Skin tests, blood tests and trials of avoiding or exposing you to possible allergens are all useful supplements to help confirm your allergies.

Our goal is to make your life “pleasantly uneventful”, with a minimum of disruption from allergies and from their treatment.  Is there a practical way for you to avoid what you’re allergic to?  Is there a medication which would give you significant allergy relief without unacceptable side effects?  Would allergy shots help?  These are some of the questions that we will answer.